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Treasures at Farmer's Market

Excerpt from Newark Post, January 26, 1989, by Nancy Turner.

The New Castle Farmers Market traces its humble beginnings to little more than a parking lot where farmers in pick up trucks brimming with home-grown produce congregated on weekends in the early 1950s to sell their wares. Shortly, following the erection of a crude enclosure, the Farmers Market celebrated its grand opening on October 29, 1954, offering chicken for 25 cents a pound, roses at 46 cents a dozen and veal cutlet at 29 cents a pound. 

Over the years, the Hares Corner landmark saw good times of prosperity and bad times of fire and decay; however, under the management of Steven Stein and ownership of 326 Incorporated, which began in 1983, the seven-acre property has gradually put on a more cheerful face.

"I'm very proud of the market," said Stein, "especially considering what it was when we got here. It would take us two hours to lock the place up at night with trying to find all the light switches and putting chains on the doors. Now it's a bright, clean and cheerful, a family place. You can bring a date here for a lobster dinner or your in-laws from out of town."

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A Modern Day Treasure Hunt

Excerpt from News Journal, May 20, 2010 by Justin Williams.

Next time you want to buy a bike, sit for a family portrait, hit the dollar store, pick up a saddlebag for your Harley and fresh cut flowers for mom, get a haircut, drop by the hardware store, cruise the thrift shop and cap it all off with a beer and live music, you could spend all day and a tank of gas driving around Delaware. 

Or, you could kill 10 birds with one stone at the New Castle Farmers Market.

At Hares Corner since 1954, the indoor-outdoor bazaar isn't for everyone. But for those who like good food and great deals and don't need the squeaky-clean surroundings of a typical mall, it's the place to be on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

At sun-up, the outdoor flea market begins. You won't find weapons, animals or anything new, but there's no telling what you'll stumble upon. Some vendors specialize - vintage watches, bicycles, video games, and strollers. Other offer a free-for-all - boxes full of this and that, much of it borderline worthless, but there could be a treasure lurking under the surface. 

So stretch your legs. Stay awhile. You probably will find a bargain and you certainly won't leave hungry.

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New Castle Farmers Market 1954 Grand Opening Ad. Click To View.


Sales Ad in Wilmington Morning News, February 14, 1964. Click to view.